**Prerequisite - You should have basic understanding of Python programming.**

Day 1) Getting started with Pygame

Functions , loops , variables, lists, modules, Classes, Conditionals etc.

🟧Basic Functions in the Pygame Module

🟧Creating your first Pygame Window

🟧The Main Game Loop - Introduction

🟧Game Start and Game Over Timings

🟧Errors and lots of errors

Day 2) Colors in Pygame

🟩Colors in Pygame


🟩How to make and mix colors

🟩How to set the Background Color of our window

🟩Black and White Colors

Day 3) Images in Pygame

🟦 How to display an Image on our window

🟦 How to adjust the size of our image

🟦 How to change the place of our image on the window

🟦 Adding Images from the internet

🟦 How to set the icon of our window

Day 4) Text and Shapes in PyGame

Text in Pygame

🟪 Rendering the Text

🟪 Blitting the Text on our window

🟪Changing the font - Family of the text

🟪 Handling the font size

Shapes in Pygame

🟪 How to blit a rectangle

🟪 How to blit a circle

🟪 How to blit a square

🟪 How to blit any random Polygon

Day 5)Music in Pygame

🟥 The Mixer Module

🟥 Handling .wav files

🟥 How to import music in our Program

🟥Starting our first project - The Ball of Balls Game

Day 6) Continuing our Game

🟧 Displaying the window

🟧 Adding the modules

🟧 Defining both the classes for the balls

🟧 The random module

🟧 Adding some logic

Day 7) Adding the functions

🟩 Defining the functions inside both of the classes

🟩 Defining more important functions

🟩 Learning how to capture Keyboard movements

🟩 Defining the conditionals

Day 8)Ending with the main game loop

🟦 The main game loop

🟦 All of the loops to render the balls

🟦 Deciding the collision of the Balls

Day 9) Starting the second Game- Maths Quiz

🟧 How it would work (What we are building)

🟧 Getting all the images and questions

🟧 How will the score work

🟧 Making all the important functions

Day 10) How will A question work and Ending the game with the score

🟦 Rendering all the questions

🟦 Loops for all the questions

🟦 Understanding the logic behind

🟦 Changing the screen

Day 11) Complex Shooting Arcade Game - Part 1

🟪 What we are going to build - The shooting Game

🟪 Bringing all the images and icons

🟪 Defining the movement Mechanics

Day 12) Complex Shooting Arcade Game - Part 2

🟩 Adding the boundaries

🟩 Creating the enemy

🟩 Movement of the enemy

🟩 Defining the Background

Day 13) Bullets in the game

🟦 Creating the bullets

🟦 Multiple Bullets

🟦 Collision Detection

🟦 Multiple enemies

Day 14) The final Day

🟥 Adding Text and displaying the score

🟥 Background music

🟥 Game over