November 14th, 2020 camp

1. Welcome March 2021 Campers

Welcome learners, mentors, parents and guardians. We are thrilled and excited that you registered for this unique and rewarding Learning with me (LWM) camp starting March 6 2021.

We are still doing a lot of work in the background (and foreground) to get ready for the first day of camp. And as a result you can expect a lot of changes and updates.

Please monitor and visit this website frequently to see the latest updates and changes.

2. Camp Tools πŸ’»βŒ¨β˜πŸ–₯

Every activity that we participate in in life, school, home, work, play - has its own unique set of tools.

To get the best out of your learning and/or mentoring experience with LWM you will also need to have some basic tools available to you.

  • A laptop or desktop computer or a tablet or a smart phone

  • A good internet connection

  • A very quiet environment

  • A note pad and pencil/pen to take notes

2. Other Camp Tools and Resources πŸ”§βš™β˜πŸ”Œ

The LWM environment relies on and makes heavy use of various external tools and resources and technologies that other people have created and maintain. At LWM we refer to these resources as other tools.

As with most modern technologies - sometimes things don't work. Sometimes the fault is at our end, sometimes the fault is at the learners end and sometimes its the issue is at the tool providers end :-(.

Because of the sometime unpredictable nature of the technologies that we have all come to love and rely on, the technologies working quietly behind the scenes at LWM sometimes need to change and experiment with various tools and website and move the learners around to different platforms to facilitate the best experience for everyone.

It is possible that you've never heard of some these tools or programs before - don't worry you'll master these tools in NO time at all. We promise !!

As of TODAY, the "other tools that we rely on are:

3. Choices, choices, choices. So many Camp Choices πŸ€” .....

All of the LWM camps are wonderful and fun and challenging and you can join any camp that you want depending on what you would like to learn.

However we encourage learners to join camps based on their age groups.

LWM currently offers the following camps. Click on each camp to learn more:

4. LWM Camp Dates, Times and Chaos ⏰⏳

Our primary method of communication is via email.

We send emails with updates and reminders for camp start times, locations and so on.

Because your response and interest in LWM has been very encouraging and overwhelming - we will likely have to break up learners into smaller groups and move them into different time-slots. The exact groupings will be determined after the 2nd week of camp.

We fully expect that week 1 and week 2 of camp will be chaotic. But within CHAOS there is order :-)

Exact camp start and end times are still being scheduled for the March, 6 Camp. But you can use the following placeholders as guidelines for planning and preparing:

Age Group: 10 - 14

Frequency: Every Saturday

Start Date: March, 6, 2020

End Date: TBD

Camp Start Time: 1 PM WAT | 8 AM EST

Camp End Time: 2 PM WAT | 9 AM EST

Camp Calendar: Click Here

Age Group: 10 - 14

Frequency: Every Saturday

Start Date: March, 6, 2020

End Date: TBD

Camp Start Time: 3 PM WAT | 8 AM EST

Camp End Time: 4 PM WAT | 9 AM EST

Camp Calendar: Click Here

Age Group: 15 - 18

Frequency: Every Saturday

Start Date: March, 6, 202

End Date: TBD

Camp Start Time: 5 PM WAT | 12 PM EST

Camp End Time: 6 PM WAT | 1 PM EST

Camp Calendar: Click Here

5. LWM Rewards 🎁 😍

LWM is a NEW and rewarding way to learn, mentor and give-back to improve the world around you.

It is our wish to be able to reward each Learner for participating and putting in the fun but hard work that is required to learn something new. And we recognize that sometimes wishes and desires are just that - wishes!

We promise to do our best to reward deserving Learners, but in the event that we can't due to circumstances beyond our control - we promise to always give your child or ward the best FREE learning experience possible in a safe, friendly and enriching environment - ALWAYS!

This is LWM's promise to you.

Besides the priceless gift of learning something new, we will do our best to reward all participants in the LWM Camps for successfully completing the camps.

Giving back has many advantages and privileges for your child and for other children. And there are many ways we can all give back and assist the LWM mission. For example:

  • Parents can Pledge To Reward their Children directly

  • Parents can pledge to reward and encourage other youths

  • Guardians , Family, Friends, Sponsors can pledge to reward youths

  • And LWM can reward learners through the donations and partnerships of our friends and supporters.

We are still working out the additional details for how LWM can reward Learners directly, and we will share more information with parents and guardians at a later date.