Day 1: Understanding & Installing Python

  • What is computer programming?

  • What are Compilers and Interpreters?

  • What is python?

  • What is an IDE/IDLE?

  • Why should someone learn Python?

  • Demo of the installation & setup process for python 3.

Day 2 : Getting our python program to talk to us

  • Importance of indentation in python.

  • What are variables in python?

  • Why do we have variables in python?

  • How do we create variables in python?

  • What are python data-types?

  • Explanation of strings, integers, floats and booleans in python.

  • Syntax for assigning values to variables.

  • What are python functions?

  • What is the print() function?

  • How to use the print() function.

Day 3 : Collecting user input

  • What is user input?

  • What is the input() function?

  • How to use the input() function.

  • What are python operators?

  • What purpose do arithmetic operators serve?

  • Explanation of all the arithmetics in python.

Day 4 : Decision making in python

  • What are if-else statements?

  • What is a condition in python?

  • Syntax for if-else statements in python.

  • Explanation of all the python comparison operators.

  • What are chained conditionals in python?

  • What are nested statements in python?

  • How to create nested statements and chained conditionals in python.

Day 5 : Creating loops in python

  • What is a loop in python?

  • Why are loops useful?

  • What are for loops?

  • What are while loops?

  • for loop and while loop syntax.

  • What is the range() function?

  • How to use the range() function with a for loop.

  • What are iterables?

  • How to use iterables in a for loop.

Day 6 : Creating functions + Playing with text files

  • Why create functions?

  • Syntax for creating a function in python.

  • Parameters vs Arguments

  • What are Methods in python.

  • What it means to read and write to a text file.

  • Explanation of the file methods .open(), .close() and .write()

  • What it means to read and write to a text file.

  • Syntax for reading and writing to a text file in python.

Day 7 : Intro to modular programming

Day 8 :Try and except + global & local variables

Day 9 : Intro to Objects and Classes

Day 10 : Hackathon!

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