About Mentors

Mentors Overview

There are currently two ways to participate in the Learning with me (LWM) initiative.

Youth (Ages 10 - 18) can either participate as Mentors or as Learners.

    • Mentors are youth who have demonstrated some mastery of their chosen subject areas. Mentors are encouraged (and incentivized) to train other youth online and in their local communities - while building their own personal portfolios.

This is the spirit of LWM's giving-back origin - youth empowering other youth.

    • Mentors coming on board to join the LWM initiatives are expected to commit to facilitate and lead their chosen camp for the entire duration of the camp.

    • This commitment is important because Learners (and their parents) signing up to learn from LWM Mentors are also making similar commitments on their end to participate in the program from start to finish.

Mentor Experience & Expectations

LWM is seeking Mentors to teach youth in any of the existing subjects (camps) that LWM currently offers. Mentors choosing to teach in one of the three camps listed below will have access to the existing materials and teaching aids that have already been developed. The camps that are currently running are:

LWM expects Mentors to be able to demonstrate average mastery/understanding of the skills/knowledge required for each camp, and, even more importantly, Mentors should show a willingness to continue learning and to carry other peers/youth along on this learning journey. This is reflected in the initiative's name "Learning with me".

We believe Mentors can only contribute effectively towards the goals of the initiative when mentors themselves are successful and confident in their personal capacities.

Mentors can also choose to create, develop and lead initiatives in any new subject areas (e.g. STEM, STEAM, etc.). LWM welcomes and encourages creativity and originality!

Expected Time Commitment

Each LWM camp/cohort lasts for 10 - 11 weeks. The anticipated time commitment for mentors is:

  • Maximum 1 - 3 hours per week for preparation

  • Teaching the camp(s) on every Saturdays for 1 hour for the duration of the camp (10-11 weeks)

LWM does not expect Mentors to treat their role with LWM as a full-time job. LWM is aware that Mentors are young and very likely still in school with academic and personal commitments and responsibilities.

Mentor Remuneration

LWM implements the province of Ontario's Student minimum wage requirements.

If they choose, Mentors also have the opportunity to accrue volunteer hours to help fulfil their High School or community graduation requirements. Volunteer hours are in addition to paid hours.