Our Mission

We are a not-for-profit body dedicated to training and empowering youths (ages 10 - 18) with real-world marketable skills that will help them navigate an increasingly technology-driven world.

How we will do this

This will be done by providing accessible educational courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) and Arts fields.

To increase the rate of skills acquisition, children who complete the courses will be encouraged (and incentivized) to train other children.

We will use the power and knowledge of the collective

We will leverage the power and culture of free and open source software

Fine. But what's the issue ?

There are several issues.

  • There is a huge disparity between the few number of people that create/understand the code and the technologies that the vast majority of other people consume and rely on.

  • More people need a larger say in how technology impacts and affects their lives. Having a say in something requires some understanding - even at a basic level.

  • In order to not be further left behind, in order to have a better say in our destinies , in order to have a better say in how or where data about us ends up - we need to shift from the mindset of being consumers to contributors - i.e. to the mindset of makers.

Who are we

In real life we are a bunch Dreamers and Doers that want to do something meaningful and change our world in a meaningful way.

And for legal, governmental and regulatory purposes, LWM is a legal body operating under the registered legal corporate name of Learning with me (LWM).