Learning with me

Free Live Online Coding Camps for Kids by Kids (Ages 10 - 18)


LWM is a not-for-profit body dedicated to training and empowering youths (Ages 10 - 18) with real-world marketable skills that will help them navigate an increasingly technology-driven world.

This is done through a unique rewards system and a series of online coding camps that follows a structured curriculum.


Learning with me, implements a unique rewards system for mentors to encourage a learning and giving back culture.

Mentors are kids who have demonstrated mastery of the subject matter. Mentors are encouraged (and incentivized) to train other children online and in their local communities - while building their own personal portfolios.

(Shh šŸ¤ .... don't tell the kids - but they are being rewarded to learn!)


  • Registrations for the next June 2023 Camp is now open.

  • Camps meet online once a week on Saturdays for about an hour (1hr).

  • The camps are strictly for kids (learners) and facilitated by kids (mentors).

  • Click here to view camp times and dates